Hooked on Bees

The Firehook Foundation established the environmentally positive bee program, called Hooked on Bees, in 2021 as a two-fold conservation project.

This vital project aims to enrich the lives of families and communities that border wildlife areas along the Save River in Zimbabwe and at the same time, we are giving our threatened wild bees a chance to thrive. In the end, we will support impoverished villagers and help them with a way to provide for their families. It’s a win-win situation.

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Sustainable Model

Through a sustainable business model, Hooked on Bees will deliver two hives per family over the next 16 months. To date, there are 802 families that have been designated to receive the hives. Solid funding and an expert team are in place to manage the logistics and the development of this project and to teach the local population how to sustain themselves. Hooked on Bees is based on a long-term outlook that will continually boost these communities season after season, year after year.


Catch boxes

The Firehook Foundation has created branded catch boxes to aid in the pollination and honey harvesting process and ready honey buyers are set up to reward the villagers.

The plan is that eventually, the community will be able to form a “co-op” of sorts where they can sell their honey through a single depot. 



Bees are absolutely vital to agriculture production and biodiversity in the environment on a global scale. They are responsible for pollinating one third of all food sources grown worldwide and they promote a healthy habitat for our planet’s wildlife. Simply put, bees
keep plants alive.

Five reasons why bees are important to the environment:

It’s no secret how crucial bees and pollination are to the health of our natural environment and our produce. Hooked on Bees is designed to protect our bee population, our people and our planet. Every cent matters. Please help us keep all of these buzzing!

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