FIREFORCE K9 Reaction Unit

The FIREFORCE K9 Reaction Unit is the tip of the spear for the FireHook Wildlife Foundation.

This highly effective canine unit consists of a team of specially trained canines that provide rapid reaction and support to wildlife areas that are endangered by ever-present poachers.

The FireHook Foundation is proud to support the FIREFORCE K9 initiative by providing vehicles, equipment, technology and salaries. One of our teams is based in the Save Valley in Zimbabwe and is in part responsible for 750,000 acres of wildlife habitat that is home to the African Big 5, as well as the endangered species of cheetah and wild dog.

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Meet the

Canine Team

We proudly introduce our powerful team of canines who make up the successful foundation of this program. The team includes Max, Athos, Sasha and Eva, all professional canines who have been extensively trained by the very best.


Max is widely known for his detection skills and he is currently the only dog in Zimbabwe who can detect pangolin scales.


Athos is famous for his tracking abilities and his specialized bite skills. He is a legend in the field and has a stellar track record to prove it.


Sasha is also a tracking specialist and has a long history of significant arrests.


Eva, while weighing less, reminds us that dynamite comes in small packages.

Meet the


This fierce team is lead by the acclaimed dog trainer, Keith Sparks. Keith and his team are experienced and highly effective in the field. By utilizing an extensive informant network and the necessary advanced technology, FIREFORCE is often able to preempt incursions and apprehend criminals before any wildlife is harmed. 

With your support, the FIREFORCE K9 Reaction Unit will be able to operate unhindered in wildlife areas across Africa, and will hopefully save and protect our cherished and endangered species.

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