Wired for Wildlife

Through the Wired for Wildlife Program, FireHook has really addressed the core root of the poaching problem: the poachers themselves and why they kill.

Dale “Donza” DesFountain and great friend, Justine “Boots” de la Rue, were on safari and came across a buffalo carcass entangled in a cable snare. They immediately began brainstorming on how they could make a difference to stop this destructive practice. As a result, they have created a model that can empower, educate and support the families and communities and eradicate the need for destructive poaching.

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By offering poachers an alternative way to make a living and support their families, they can return to living law-abiding lives. 


When the youth of today are taught that poaching is illegal, they will not be inclined to follow in their parent’s faulty footsteps. 


Sustainable Model

And here is where the name “Wired for Wildlife” was born and brought in under the umbrella of FireHook Wildlife Foundation. Wired for Wildlife is set up to purchase the actual snares from the poachers. The snares, once a cruel instrument of death and destruction, are made into bangles and sold to the public. By buying and proudly wearing these bangles, those who have a love and passion for wildlife can play their part in protecting it. All proceeds from the bangles will be deposited back into the FireHook Wildlife Foundation account to keep this project running.

Our mission is clear: Eliminate poaching at the grass roots level by giving poachers a better way to support their families and communities.

A snare becomes a bangle; a bangle becomes a beacon of hope.

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